23.06.2012: Exploring the neighbourhood – again

We decided to take it easy today, just exploring the neighbourhood again – by foot. It’s always good the stretch the feet a bit, and so we did.

We walked several kilometers south on Collins Avenue, then back again along the beach (the North Shore Beach), before returning home again.

After returning home we did some tidying inside and outside of the house, it’s weekend !


There are lots of these benches along the streets here in Miami Beach, on bus stops etc:



Hotels and residences along Collins Avenue in Miami Beach:

Hotels and residences

The bath club from the 1920s, was the original getaway for the rich and famous, modernized a bit since that time of course:

The Bath Club


Preparing the kite for kitesurfing (the weather was perfect for kitesurfing today):

Preparing the kite

Almost ready for action:

Almost ready







Walking back home along the beach, getting our feet wet:

Getting our feet wet


On the return trip back home we came across a very nice flower decorator’s shop. Here are some pictures from the shop. Note the little dog (yes he is alive !)  in the display window Smilefjes

Flower arrangement


Flower arrangement

Display window with dog


We found this parrot  on the roof of a car, possibly in need of some postal services Smilefjes

Parrot on a car's roof

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