31.07.2009 – Medieval village of Pedraza

We decided to visit this picturesque medieval village, about 45 minutes drive from Miraflores. On our way we passed two mountain passes, the Canencia (1524m) into the Lozoya valley, and over another mountain pass, Navafria (1770m) before arriving Pedraza. These two mountain passes were quite different from the Morcuera mountain pass. While the latter was very arid, with no trees at all, both Canencia and Navafria had lots of trees, mostly big pine trees, like the ones we saw in the Cuenca Alta del Manzanares national park the other day.

Pedraza is a walled medieval village, with narrow, cobbled streets. There has been found remains after people living in this area from about 400 BC, but this village was not built until the 14th century, when the Spaniards reconquered this area from the Arab occupants.

You will find an old church here (the Santa Maria Church), built in the 15th century, and still largely intact, the remnants of the Pedraza Castle, and the Plaza Mayor, the town square.

From Pedraza we drove to the city of Segovia, just 30 km or so away.


Pedraza from the distance, situated on a small hill



Narrow streets



Eating ice cream in the shadow of the village tree



The Pedraza Castle



Front door of the castle, with lots of iron spikes


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